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clip of young Ian shown on Room 101

I just had to share this. It's a clip of young (and still wondrously middle-age looking) Ian shown on Room 101.
Kirsty Young tries to put people who speak very quietly or loudly into room 101 and Paul's got a little clip to show. It's right at the beginning. And since not all of Paul's introduction is on there:

"OK. Well, we've got an example here I think. We've got the well known graveled-voiced balladeer Tom Waits. Here he is being interviewed by a journalist; unfortunately history has not recorded the name of the journalist, but have a look at this."

The clip.

My thoughts on this: Oh my god, the hair! Nice shiny shoes. Haha, pwned! And I don't know a lot about talk shows from that time but apart from their slouchy way of sitting, is that the audience mumbling so irritatingly in the background?
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