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There is a small conversation going on on youtube about one of Ian's appearances on Question Time that made me wonder what you thought about the matter.


KenAugustino:> It is so funny how Ian looks during the intro cut-in!! I just could not judge whether he did it on purpose or else.

PaulMJohnson: I agree - he does looking furious better than almost anyone!

Turin999: on purpose
i can't tell if he's a political commentator first or a comedian first

And to be honest, neither can I!

I mean, I know that he can't really be classified as comedian but watching the video you'll notice that he simply cannot help but bring a bit of humour into it all.
Maybe that's also what satirists are like, serious but never really. Aren't they poking fun at everything after all?
You can probably call him a good mixture of both but still, what do you think about this? I'd love to know.
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