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I think i just found perhaps the CUTEST videos of Ian in the universe.
One from 1986!! Where Ian happens to look like this:

Watch it here and squee.

Then there is a whole half hour of Ian's episode of "Plunder" from 1991, where he talks about boarding school and watching love songs on Top of the Pops, quote: "I think thats when we realised we were heterosexual" and his time as a teacher and a stand up comedian. He even has time to insult the host of the show.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

WARNING: Watching these will make you feel young.

Not Forgotten; The Men Who Wouldn't Fight

Ian Hislop recounts the stories of World War I conscientious objectors, whose belief or battlefields experiences led to their  refusal to do military service - leaving the conchies to face imprisonment and abuse.

- taken from Live 'The Mail on Sunday'

Not Forgotten; The Men Who Wouldn't Fight is on tonight  (10 Nov '08) on Channel 4 at 8PM.

Don't miss it! 

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clip of young Ian shown on Room 101

I just had to share this. It's a clip of young (and still wondrously middle-age looking) Ian shown on Room 101.
Kirsty Young tries to put people who speak very quietly or loudly into room 101 and Paul's got a little clip to show. It's right at the beginning. And since not all of Paul's introduction is on there:

"OK. Well, we've got an example here I think. We've got the well known graveled-voiced balladeer Tom Waits. Here he is being interviewed by a journalist; unfortunately history has not recorded the name of the journalist, but have a look at this."

The clip.

My thoughts on this: Oh my god, the hair! Nice shiny shoes. Haha, pwned! And I don't know a lot about talk shows from that time but apart from their slouchy way of sitting, is that the audience mumbling so irritatingly in the background?
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(no subject)

There is a small conversation going on on youtube about one of Ian's appearances on Question Time that made me wonder what you thought about the matter.


KenAugustino:> It is so funny how Ian looks during the intro cut-in!! I just could not judge whether he did it on purpose or else.

PaulMJohnson: I agree - he does looking furious better than almost anyone!

Turin999: on purpose
i can't tell if he's a political commentator first or a comedian first

And to be honest, neither can I!

I mean, I know that he can't really be classified as comedian but watching the video you'll notice that he simply cannot help but bring a bit of humour into it all.
Maybe that's also what satirists are like, serious but never really. Aren't they poking fun at everything after all?
You can probably call him a good mixture of both but still, what do you think about this? I'd love to know.
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(no subject)

I know that this community has been quiet for over a year and I should really wonder whether there's still anyone interested in it but that surely doesn't keep me from posting an entry. *grins*

And since I admittedly can't think of anything really stirring to write about I tried rather hard to come up with something - heck, anything - to raise hislop!love from the dead.

What I came up with is the most random thing.
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Weekly Icons Taken From HIGNFY 21/04/06

I thought I might make myself useful as co-mod by actually doing something *laughs* So I've made some icons for the community, based on last week's HIGNFY... I hope it gets this community going a bit - I know that you all want to join ^_^ I'm going to try to make it a weekly thing, and post up nine icons every week using the new screencaps... I hope that you like them!

(Please credit Hislop!Love)

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